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I will be updating this page often to keep up with what's going on in the world of Austin and Bantam cars as far as upcoming events, places we have been, where we are going and just a lot of pictures of the cars.

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First off, if you have an Austin or Bantam car and are looking for parts or to to buy a car I would recommend that you join both Clubs.

The Austin Bantam Society (ABS) and American Austin Bantam Club (AABC).  Great people, great cars and a great source for information!

        Austin Bantam Society (ABS)       

Austin Bantam Society (ABS) formerly Pacific Bantam Austin Club (PBAC)

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    American Austin Bantam Club (AABC)   

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NOTE: Both Clubs have downloadable applications from the links listed above. 

History of the cars.

In a nut shell: Sir Herbert Austin looked at America and realized that the United States needed a small economy car instead of the big fuel burning cars that were prevalent.

In 1929 he talked some American businessmen into starting a company to build the American Austin.  The cars were built in Butler, Pennsylvania USA from 1930-1940ish. 

There were approximately 20,000 American Austins (1930-1935) and 6,200 American Bantams (1938-1940) built of all models. 

If you would like to learn more about the history please see Bill Spear's web page. For more information on Sir Herbert Austin click here.


A new book by William Spear

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The 48th ABS Annual Trophy meet, October 13-15, 2016

Lake Havasu City, AZ

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For The Love Of Old Cars: The Jack Passey Story



If you didn't know the late Jack Passey you missed out, he was a great guy and a friend to all who know him. This is a great book with lots of Jack's stories. 

The first few books sold out fast and now is your chance to get one. Click here to place an order for the next printing, they go fast!


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  The 53rd Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

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  This event was filmed and is being broadcast on the Discovery Channel "HDT" (High Definition Theater).  For a schedule (Click Here) type in the site search column "Ultimate Car Show"


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  American Austin & American Bantam by year and model

  I'm trying to compile some good photos of every make, year and model and I will try to show the differences in them.  I will post a partial page when it's ready and add to the list as I accumulate photos and information.


  Pictures of Austins & Bantams

  All kinds of photos, member's cars, old post cards, Austin and Bantam ads and movie clips.


  Past Austin Bantam Society (ABS) Events Links to 1,000's of Austin & Bantam photos.

  Coverage of most of the ABS events dating back to 1997, Annual Trophy events, Mini Tours and more.


  Past American Austin Bantam Club (AABC) Events

 Coverage of some of the AABC events dating back to 2001.


  Places We Have Been

  Just about everywhere we have taken an Austin to, Concours d'Elegance, AACA events, Fun runs, Mini Meets, and even some Hot Rod events.


  Coming & Current Events (Updated 6/15/2014)

  Past and present events I have or may go to during the year.




  My Projects

  I have two Austin projects listed.  I will have the next project up sometime this year, A 1940 Bantam Riviera.  These pages shows some of the process in restoring an Austin or Bantam. 

  Also not related to Austin or Bantam, I have a Aermacchi Harley Davidson 250cc Sprint that I will be working on.





  Some Austin or Bantam related links and a few others.





  I have some details as far as tune-up parts you can buy at any good auto parts store and some engine rebuilding tips.  This page will be added to a lot this year so check back from time to time.










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