Photos and information of the restoration of our 1930 American Austin coupe.


This is what the car looked like when I bought it.  The restoration was started by  Bob Clintsman (now a deceased club member) sometime in the 70's and he had the car painted in 1993.  As you can see from the pictures it had a little way to go before completion. I have a few pictures below of some of the things I have done to get this car completed.

left_rear.jpg (24501 bytes)

inside_dash.jpg (22533 bytes)      inside_top.jpg (15206 bytes)  No interior, dash or gauges.

early_side.jpg (49411 bytes)  In this picture I still don't have the interior, gutters or top installed.  Click here to see installation.



engine_before.jpg (44171 bytes)  Before photos of the engine compartment.





            After photos of engine compartment 10-2002


top_install_1.jpg (25282 bytes)  Click on the picture to go to another page that shows how the top went on.



interior_finish.jpg (27131 bytes)  interior_finish_1.jpg (17866 bytes)  Finished inside photos.  I have painted the chrome inside trim pieces black since this photo.

tire_comp.jpg (98449 bytes)  These pictures were taken one year apart the top being the latest.  This is just to show how changing the tires can make a difference in the look of the car.  I changed from a 350-18 Chin Shing motorcycle tires to Metzler 400-18 Block K side car tire.




austin rock back.jpg (27878 bytes)

  This is one of my favorite pictures of this car.



            Recent pictures of the car (October-2002)


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