1976 PBAC Mini Tour

May 2nd 1976

Wesley M Phillippi

On the morning of Sunday May 2, 1976, several members of the Pacific Bantam Austin Club gathered at the Tin Lizzie Restaurant in Covina, CA.  It was the occasion of the annual Mini Tour and Picnic.  The cars began rolling in around 7:30 and everyone enjoyed a good breakfast before lining up for the tour.  About 9:00 we headed out with a police escort.  We were headed for the Huntington Library in San Marino, but along the way we made a couple of rest stops for water (mostly for the cars) and to make sure we were all still together.  One of the stops was at the Arboretum in Arcadia.  At the Huntington Library, some members toured the building and grounds while a few stayed in the parking lot to "kick tires".  Leaving the Library, we headed to the home of Dan & Gertrude Post for a picnic.  The food, as always, was delicious, but the highlight was a sheet cake with an Austin 3-Window Coupe.  Perhaps Dan was dreaming of what that 3-Window Coupe in his driveway would look like some day.  Soon it was time for the A-B drivers to head back to the Tin Lizzie and load their cars back on the trailers. 

Gathering for breakfast at the Tin Lizzie Restaurant.

1930 Roadster - Ralph Davis

1930 Coupe - Fran Theriot.

1930 Coupe - Earl & Evelyn Haase.

1930 Coupe - Jim & Dotty Swan. Leona Lindvig was always smiling.

1932 Roadster - Lillian Mitchell. Passenger unknown

1934 Roadster - Dean & Lois Watts. Towed by their 1932 Ford 2-door.

1938 Roadster - Norm Booth tinkering.

1938 Roadster - Norm Booth.

1947 MG-TC - Harvey & Von Schnaer.

Lining up for tour with police escort.


Rest Stops

An unknown location.

The Arboretum in Arcadia.

Leaving the Arboretum.


The Huntington Library in San Marino

Waiting for the gates to open.

The parking lot at the Huntington.

Tow bar on the Watts' Roadster.

Les & Leona Lindvig's Roadster.

Norm Booth's Roadster.


The final stop at the home of Dan & Gertrude Post

Cars gathered in the driveway.

Dan Post's 3-window Coupe.

Leona smiles as Les tinkers.

The cake provided by the Posts.


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