38th Annual AABC Meet – Topeka, Kansas – June 18-20, 2001




 The meet was held in Topeka, Kansas.  The first few days were a little windy and we had some severe thunder and lightning storms at night.  I found myself getting up at night and watching the lightning from the hotel window for hours, it was awesome!  It was a wonderful meet,  Bob & Donna Sullivant were the hosts.  It was truly a mid west Austin Bantam experience!!! Lynn James


By Wesley M. Phillippi, Photographs by: Wesley M. Phillippi & Jack Hickey



            To welcome members to the meet, Terry Williams had his 1933 Austin Panel truck sitting in front of the motel and Austin Anders had his Austin chassis set up in the lobby. 




Around the parking lot could be seen some interesting sights.  Parked in the lot were a lone BRC body and a couple of Austin coupes both covered and under a canopy.  How you travel to the meet is all a matter of opinion.  John Tuthill and Brock Peterson were at opposite ends of the spectrum.



On Tuesday evening dark clouds were moving in from the west.  Even so, about a mile from the motel, we had a mini car show at Winstead’s, a vintage ice cream shop. 



As the cars were arriving, the skies were threatening and the weather turned cool and windy.  Fortunately, the darkest clouds and most of the rain passed by to the north and a good time was had by all. 


Heading for Winstead’s

Bill Rowland's 1940 Bantam Riviera

Elmer Chancellor's 1931 American Austin roadster

Phil Hayne's 1930 American Austin roadster

Bob Brandon's 1931 American Austin coupe

John Tuthill's 1940 Bantam Station Wagon

Bill Rowland's 1940 Bantam Riviera


Seminars at Reynolds Lodge



On a wet Wednesday, modern cars were driven to Reynolds Lodge in a large park for a cookout lunch and a couple of seminars.  Phil Haynes talked about interchangeable parts for Austins and Bantams and Steve Stillwell discussed how to deal with electrical problems.  For a practical demonstration out in the parking lot, Bob Sullivant's pickup was pressed into service.  When we arrived back at the motel, Steve used Janine Schulze’s Austin for a continued demonstration.




  After the tour on Thursday, owners went to work preparing their cars for judging.  The weather had turned nice for which everyone was pleased.  As usual, judging was a challenge, especially with about 10 Austin coupes in the running.  Special trophies were awarded for: Work in Progress - Austin Anders’ chassis, Most Tenacious – Brock Peterson for constant tinkering to get his roadster running right and Cleanest Car – Brock Peterson’s immaculate racer. 





The Cars


1930 Roadster, Phil Haynes

1930 Roadster, Ed Kobberman

1930 Coupe, Roland Cowart

1930 Coupe, Ken Hamilton

1930 Coupe, Lynn James

1930 Coupe, Ed Kobberman

1930 Coupe, Ken Payne

1930 Coupe, Bill Rowlands

1930 Coupe, Bob Stoner

1930 Coupe, Janine Schulze

1931 Coupe, Bob Brandon




1931 Roadster, Elmer Chancellor

1931 Racer, Brock McPherson

1931 Roadster, Brock McPherson

1933 Panel, Terry Williams

1933 Roadster, Janine Schulze

1933 Roadster, Bob Stoner

1933 Coupe, Mike Harrell

1934 Coupe, Mike Larro

1938 Coupe, Bob Sullivant

1938 Boulevard Delivery, Hank Albro



1938 Panel, Mike Unrein

1939 Roadster, Cleo Betts

1939 Boulevard Delivery, Doyle Nix

1939 Speedster, Royce Harber. 1940 Riviera, Bill Rowlands (back)

1940 Coupe, Mike Unrein

1940 Wagon, John Tuthill

1941 BRC, Gray Mullins

Austin 7s, Owners unknown



Trophy Winners



Trophy Winners: 


Roy Evans Trophy – Roland Cowart - 1930 Coupe



1st Place Open – Elmer Chancellor – 1931 Roadster

2nd Place Open – Ed Kobberman – 1930 Roadster

3rd Place Open – Bob Stoner – 1933 Roadster


1st Place Closed – Janine Schulze – 1930 Coupe

2nd Place Closed – Lynn James – 1930 Coupe

3rd Place Closed – Mike Harrell – 1933 Coupe



1st Place Roadster & Hollywood – Cleo Betts – 1939 Roadster

(No 2nd Place trophy awarded) 


1st Place Speedster & Riviera – Royce Harber – 1939 Speedster

2nd Place Speedster & Riviera – Bill Rowlands – 1940 Riviera


1st Place Closed – Mike Unrein – 1940 Coupe

2nd Place Closed – Bob Sullivant – 1938 Coupe 


1st Place Station Wagon & Boulevard Delivery – Doyle Nix – 1939 Boulevard Delivery

2nd Place Station Wagon & Boulevard Delivery – John Tuthill – 1940 Station Wagon

3rd Place Station Wagon & Boulevard Delivery – George Scanlan – 1939 Boulevard Delivery



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