Old Sacramento, California  2004

Page Two

Touring to the show: Old Sacramento

Coming into Old Sacramento

Taking some pictures before heading to the show field

Lynn James: 1931 American Austin Roadster

Neil Fraser: 1940 Bantam Hollywood

Mike & Gayle Harrell: 1931 American Austin Roadster

Bill Spear: 1930 American Austin Coupe

Curt Scheberies: 1933 American Austin Coupe

Douge Lyle: 1939 Bantam Station Wagon

Howard Simpson: 1939 Bantam Roadster

George Modell (driving) & Earl Scheelar: 1932 British Austin Arrow

Jim & Katie Johnston: 1928 British Austin Chummy

Glenn Davis: 1933 American Austin Coupe

Jackie Temple: 1936 British Austin Ruby

John & Marie Lyford: 1940 Bantam Riviera

Al & Gloria Grouleff: 1932 American Austin Coupe Modified

Bob & Carolyn Belton: 1940 Bantam Riviera

Tony & Sandy Bell: 1928 British Austin Chummy

Jerry Collier: 1931 American Austin Roadster

Norm Booth with daughter Robin: 1938 Bantam Coupe

Mike Larro: 1934 American Austin Coupe

Cliff & Nora Shelton: 1935 American Austin Coupe modified

Paul Finch: 1940 Bantam Speedster


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