Ironstone September 17th, 2005

    In honor of the 75th anniversary of the American Austin automobile, the Ironstone Concours D'Elegance decided to feature the American Austin and Bantam.  This was also open to the Austin Seven, Dixi and Rosengart.  We had a total of fourteen cars at the Concours including Austin, American Austin and Bantam.


The day before the Concours Mike Harrell and I did some cruising around town.  We ran into Dave and Peggy Douglas and decided to have an ice cream :-)

Dave & Peggy Douglas: 1940 Bantam Convertible coupe

Gayle, Jennifer & Mike Harrell

Who says you can't fit three in an Austin roadster!

Friday evening gala and auction

Seated at the table were Dave & Peggy Douglas, Bill Spear, Jerry & Judy Collier, Lynn & Jan James (Jan taking the picture) and Mike & Gayle Harrell.

Austin & Bantams at the Concours

Left: Dave & Peggy Douglas: 1940 Bantam Convertible coupe. Center: Bob & Carolyn Belton: 1940 Bantam Riviera

Bill Spear: 1939 Bantam roadster


Shirley Bollinger: 1939 Bantam Wagon

Mike Larro: 1934 American Austin coupe, Curt Scheberies: 1938 Bantam roadster

Curt Scheberies: 1933 American Austin coupe

Lynn & Jan James: 1931 American Austin roadster

Mike & Gayle Harrell: 1931 American Austin roadster

Lynn & Jan James: 1930 American Austin coupe

Jerry & Judy Collier: 1931 American Austin roadster

Earl & Alice Scheelar: 1926 British Austin Chummy


Left: Earl & Alice Scheelar: 1932 British Austin Arrow

First place went to Shirley Bollinger, 1939 Bantam Station Wagon

A YouTube Video of Shirley getting her trophy


Some shots around the Concours

Jack Passey seated on running board of his Lincoln.  The last two pictures are inside the Ironstone Music Room. Note pipe organ.

A few motorcycles


A few ABS members


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