AABC National Meet

July 10-13 of 2006, Cornelius, North Carolina

Wesley M Phillippi

    July 10-13 of 2006, members of the American Austin Bantam Club gathered in Cornelius, North Carolina, for their annual Meet.  On Monday, members began registering at the Holiday Inn.  Cars began appearing out of trailers and old friends were greeted and new ones introduced.  In the evening a catered barbecue was held at a park on Lake Norman.  Good food and fellowship were the order of the day.  On Tuesday morning the car judges had a meeting and drivers began preparing their cars to be scrutinized.  A revised judging system was tried which made judging more efficient and timely.  In the afternoon the official swap meet was held, although "swapping" has no schedule.  That night, several drivers fired up their cars for a trip to a Buster's Ice Cream Parlor for a weekly Cruise Night.  We were the first to arrive, so most people headed for ice cream.  Soon other interesting cars began to arrive, but, as usual, Austin and Bantams were the hit of the evening.  Wednesday was the tour to Birkdale Village which is basically a shopping center laid out like an old village.  They had a special tree shaded area set up to display our cars and, again, they made quite an impression.  Back at the hotel that afternoon, Steve Alt gave a demonstration on pinstriping.  He used an Austin wheel on a turntable and several members gave it a try with various results.  On Thursday, several members made a modern car tour to a company that produces rubber parts and in the afternoon was the annual business meeting.  By a vote of the members present, Williamsburg, Virginia, was selected as the location for the 2008 Meet.   The awards banquet was held that evening with a great meal followed by the suspense of trophy presentations.  With another Meet completed, members said their goodbyes with many promising to meet again in Carthage, Missouri, in 2007.

The front of the Holiday Inn with the club banner.

Monday - Barbecue on Lake Norman.

Park sign and members eating.

Four members drove their A-B cars to the barbecue.

Food serving shelter and more eating.

Members (old and new) get acquainted.

Tuesday - Car display, judging, swap meet & Cruise Night.

Bob Brandon (R) assists Chris (black shirt) and Mark (blue shorts) Germana get their car running.

Cars lined up for show and judging.

6 of the 8 Austins attending shown lined up for show and judging

15 of the 22 Bantams attending shown lined up for show and judging.

Phil Haynes in full judging mode.

Sandra Alt watching Steve's swap table.

Norm Booth talks with Bob Shook.  But is he buying?

Bob Brandon shows off his wares.

More swap meet.

Three Texans on display at Cruise Night.

Cruise Night at Bruster’s Ice Cream (pictured at right)

We arrived early for Cruise Night.

Other stock and modified cars eventually showed up.

Wednesday - Tour & tech seminar.

Cars begin to assemble behind motel.  Elmer & Birdie Chancellor check out their Hollywood.

Bob & Cathy Cunningham photograph each car as they head for the lineup.

Cars lined up for tour headed by Steve Stillwell’s 1939 Roadster.

More of the line up in front of the motel waiting for the tour.

A rest stop during the tour.

Birkdale Village.  Our little cars always attract attention.

Birkdale Village.  The Germana's Roadster and Gene Loomis' Pickup.

Show at Birkdale Village – Steve Stillwell’s Roadster in front.

Car Show with Elmer Chancellor’s Hollywood followed by Bill Ferris’ Coupe.

More Car Show with Ken Hamilton’s Roadster.

Over flow at the Car Show.

Doyle Nix’s Boulevard Delivery observes the shops of Birkdale Village.

Steve Stillwell shows the way to exit.  But that's a sidewalk.

Steve Alt's striping seminar.

Steve Alt giving a pin striping demonstration.

Steve demonstrating.  Oops!  Lets try again.

Thursday - Business Meeting

Business Meeting led by President Elmer chancellor and other officers.

(l to r)  Steve Alt, Trustee; Donna Sullivant, Secretary; Elmer; Marilyn Sanson, Treasurer; Cleo Betts, Trustee.

Some of the members attending the Business Meeting.


Friday morning . . .

Where did everyone go?

The car and winners in each class

1930 Coupe – Linda Sager – 1st place Austin Closed

1932 Coupe – Bill Ferris – 2nd Place Austin Closed 

1933 Coupe – Michael Finch – 3rd Place Austin Closed

1931 Roadster – Mark Becker – 1st Place Austin Open

1931 Roadster – George Halin – 2nd Place Austin Open

1930 Roadster – Ken Hamilton

1933 Roadster – Bob Brandon

1930 Roadster – Phil Haynes – used in Girl From U.N.C.L.E. & Twilight Zone episode.

1939 Roadster – Royce Harber – 1st Place Bantam Hollywood/Roadster

1939 Roadster – Doug Hager – 2nd Place Bantam Hollywood/Roadster

1938 Roadster – Bob Stoner

1938 Roadster – Wayne McKinley

1938 Roadster – David Rodham

Coupe – Loren Aschbrenner – 1st Place Bantam Closed

1939 Roadster – Chris & Mark Germana – Norm Booth talking Austins & Bantams

1939 Roadster – Cleo Betts


1939 Roadster – Diane Cowart – Engine damaged on first day and was put away in trailer.

1939 Speedster – Royce Harber – 1st Place Bantam Speedster/Riviera.

1940 Speedster – Bob Brandon – 2nd Place Bantam Speedster/Riviera

1940 Hollywood – Elmer Chancellor

1940 Hollywood – Wayne McKinley

1939 Pickup – Gene Loomis – 1st Place Bantam Commercial

1940 Panel – Bill Stemmerman

1939 Station Wagon – Jim Markell – 1st Place Bantam Station Wagon/Boulevard Delivery

1939 Boulevard Delivery – Doyle Nix – 2nd Place Bantam Station Wagon/Boulevard Delivery

1939 Boulevard Delivery – George Scanlon

1939 Station Wagon – Wayne McKinley

1941 BRC – Terry Williams

1941 BRC – Jim Markell – Roy Evans Trophy

The Trophy Winners

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