2006 Northern California Mini Tour

Thornton to the Western Railway Museum. May 17, 2006

This year for our annual northern California mini tour Dave and Peggy Douglas put together a really fun day trip.  We started off from the I-5 Thornton exit and traveled to Walnut Grove where we had to stop at Mel's Mocha and Ice Cream Parlor.  Those in attendance were:  Lynn and Jan James (1930 American Austin Coupe), Earl Scheelar and George Modell (1932 Austin Arrow), Curt Scheberies and his niece Kathryn, Jon and Anita Tonsing (David's sister and husband graciously came along to provide rides should anyone experience car problems), David and Peggy Douglas with trailer in tow just in case.

We continued on towards Rio Vista by following the river.

We are getting ready to cross the river at Rio Vista then we had about a 10 mile stretch of road that had a 50 MPH speed limit posted.  We ran between 45-50 most of the way and didn't have any problems.  It was a very hot day 100+

We arrived at the Western Railway Museum and spent a few hours looking and riding the trains.  They have a couple of excursions, one that makes a short loop around the park and another that runs the old mainline 5 miles.

We are all taking the 5 mile trip on the old mainline.  It was a lot of fun bouncing around and hearing the old wood interior creak.

Back on the the road heading to Rio Vista.


The photos below are two ferry rides - one to get on the island and the other to get off.  If you've never done this it's great, especially in an old car!  -)

A few pictures on the way back to Walnut Grove

A couple of pictures of Walnut Grove and then we had dinner at Wimpy's  Restaurant before heading home.


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