2006 Old Sacramento to Isleton River Run

Every month the Towe Auto Museum has a display called the Cavalcade of Cars.  Each marque or club displays their cars for the period of a month..  We were privileged to have our cars in the Towe Museum for the month of April 2006.  Below are some pictures of the cars the day we were taking them out. 

Earl Scheelar had a great idea and put this tour together (Thanks Earl)!  He thought it would be nice to tour down the Sacramento River to Isleton on the day we take our cars out of the museum, spend the night and tour back the next day.  Earl and Alice did all the arrangements, the tour, hotel, dinner etc.  All we had to do was make reservations at the Bed and Breakfast.  Below are some picture of our travels down the river and back.

 We are in the parking lot of the Towe Auto Museum getting ready to tour to Isleton by way of the Sacramento River.  John Lyford is having a little carburetion / ignition trouble on his 1940 Riviera.

First stop was Old Sacramento for lunch.  We had a great lunch at Fat City Bar and Grill.  We also had permission to park our cars in a special spot while we ate.  Thank you Old Sacramento Management!!

Cars on the tour were (by year)  1930 American Austin Coupe, 1931 American Austin Roadster, 1932 Austin Arrow, 1935 Datsun and a 1940 Bantam Convertible Coupe.

Heading south on South River Rd

First stop was at Clarksburg about 20 miles from the museum: nice little town and a good place to stretch your legs.

We crossed just about every bridge as we traveled down the river, it was great.  I don't know if you can tell but the river is very high due to snow pack melting in the Sierra and spring run-off.  The current is very fast!

Walnut Grove.  There are a couple a good places to eat here. We stopped for some ice cream and coffee, yummmmm.

I believe this is Howard Landing Ferry.  We're crossing the river to Ryer's Island.  We were all lined up to get on the ferry when a local boy in a pickup who's time was obviously more valuable than ours just slipped in in front of all of us.  I had to wait for the ferry to return but while I was waiting I got some good shots of the cars as they crossed.

This is the Ryer Island Ferry.  We were all able to get on at once this time.

We are just about to Rio Vista.  The bridge you see in the first picture is Hwy 12, we will be crossing it shortly.

Coming into Isleton which is famous for it's Crawdad Festival (see link).  We stayed at the Delta Daze Inn and had a wonderful time.  The hosts of the Inn were very hospitable and made our time there special.  The last three pictures are the group having dinner at the Rivers Edge Cafe.  Wonderful food!!!

The group having breakfast and our host passing out awards, meaningless awards but none-the-less awards :-)

On our way back our tour stopped at an old Chinese town called Locke.  As you can see from the pictures there are a few buildings that need some help.  We had lunch at Al the Wops Restaurant.

Coming back into Sacramento crossing Florin Rd.  We're back in the Towe Auto Museum parking lot.  You can see the steam train in the distance.  It runs from Old Sacramento to around this area and back everyday.


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