40th Annual Austin Bantam Society Trophy Meet

Boulder City, NV.  2008

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I'm sure I have said this before but if you missed this meet you missed a good one.  Mark and Kathy Richey did a spectacular job on organizing and making sure there was something to do.  Boulder City is a wonderful town to spend time in. 

The hotel was 3-4 minutes from the restaurant shown above and there were dozens of restaurants and interesting places to see within minutes of this one.  I didn't have a bad meal the 4 days I was there, I'm going to miss it.

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Thursday morning there was a swap meet scheduled, I set up in back of the hotel parking lot and somehow missed the message it was in front of the parking lot. 

So if you didn't see some of things I had brought you're just out of luck.  The photos below of the cars are taken after the swap meet.

A real treat for historians and Jeep lovers

Duncan Rolls 1940 Bantam Pilot

Thursday's tour around Boulder City, but first a video

Special thanks to Brian Kanally our Videographer.



Some close-ups of the cars on tour


Glenn Davis 1934 American Austin Coupe

Shirley Bollinger 1939 Bantam Station Wagon

Michael Dirks next to Shirley's car

Keith Watson 1940 Bantam Riviera

John Tuthill 1940 Bantam Station Wagon

Ron Sarver 1938 Bantam Coupe

Neil Frazer 1930 American Austin Coupe

Jim Johnston 1939 Bantam Boulevard Delivery

Jerry Collier 1930 American Austin Roadster


Touring to Veteranís Memorial Park for photo shoot.  Check out the large metal American flag!


While most were watching vintage Bantam Jeep movies in the hotel conference room Jan and I decided to take a run down the road to see Hoover Dam in the Austin. 

It's about a 9 mile drive and drops about 1,100 feet.  If you have never seen this engineering wonder it's worth flying out to see it. 

They are building a freeway bypass that is a technical wonder by itself.  We had about a 35 mph head wind on the way back.  Click on the photo below to see all the photos.

A trip to Hoover Dam in the 1930 American Austin Coupe

Photos of Hover Dam



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