2008 Boulder City, NV

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Friday morning only Norm Booth and I set up for the swap meet.

We all lined up and took a run down the highway which turned to freeway near the end for about 1.5 miles to the Clark County Museum in Henderson  (10 minutes, 12 miles drive).

They have recreated an old street with buildings and furnishings just like it was in the late thirties and forties.  We all had a chance to get some fun photos of the cars in a 30's-40's setting.

Here is a video clip of our trip to Clark County Museum.  Special thanks to Brian Kanally our Videographer.


A few shots of inside several of the homes


Back outside for a few more pictures


Other interesting photos


Coming back to the hotel Keith Watson had some car troubles.  It turned out to be the insulation on an ignition wire that had burned through from touching the exhaust pipe. 

They got it fixed and were on their way.



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