40th Annual Austin Bantam Society Trophy Meet

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The Show

The car show was situated in a great spot.  People going to Boulder Dam in tour buses were stopping and we had a lot of exposure. 

The day turned out to be windy and threatening rain so we ended about an hour early.  Mike and Gayle Harrell's car (1939 blue and silver Bantam Roadster) won the Sweetheart Trophy. 


A recreation of a 1945 photo. Mike Larro (fartherest away) , Keith Watson and Chuck McCarthy

Jeannie Shaw (the "before" photo).


The Jeep

Well, I'm not sure what to say here.  I'm not a jeep guy but Duncan Rolls recreation of the Pilot BRC (First Jeep) was truly wonderful to look at. 

What an undertaking, all hand made and many, many hours of blood, sweat and I'm sure a few tears.  It was hard to get some photos of the jeep without people in the pictures.  Nice job Duncan.


The Banquet

We were supposed to dress in period costume but I gained too much weight and mine didn't fit so the wife opted out (sorry Jan).  All of the costumes were great!!



Our Meet Hosts: Mark and Kathy Richey


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Page 4 A trip to Hoover Dam in the 1930 American Austin Coupe