Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance

March 12-15, 2009

Here are a few photos of our trip to Amelia Island, Florida in March.  I think what I like about Austins and Bantams is captured in the photo above.  It's a common thing to see the cars bring smiles to all ages.

The Tour

The tour was on Friday with cars by Bohman & Schwartz and other cars of which we were selected.  Friday morning was foggy and a little damp but it burned off about an hour after the tour started for a nice day.  We gathered at the Ritz Carlton and toured about 9 miles to Fort Clinch State Park.  Jim Markell had a little problem with his fuel sediment bowl but in a few minutes had it fixed.


After a brief stop at Fort Clinch we headed about another 5 miles to Centre Street in Fernandina Beach where we parked the cars and let the public enjoy them. It's a very cool town with many interesting shops.  We had a great lunch at the Palace Saloon.

The Show

Click below for a larger photo

Sunday morning we arrived at the trailer bright and early to beat the traffic which I heard was horrible getting into the concours in the morning.  It was an extremely wet and damp day. I had to use the windshield wiper on the roadster from the trailer to the Ritz Carlton where I was greeted by a couple of people who said, "You're early" (like 10 minutes). I asked where I was supposed to be and they said they weren't sure but they thought I should continue down the road to a sign that said "cars".  We took off and drove another mile or so down the road in the fog and saw nothing.  I turned around and drove back and asked some more people where I was supposed to be and nobody knew anything.  I finally just drove to the main entrance and that's where we were supposed to be.  We waited another hour before they started to let cars onto the show field.  And they wonder why the traffic is so bad in the morning!  If they had someone with a clue it would have been nice!!

The line up

Some shots around our area, there were thousands of happy spectators.

Wayne Carini from Chasing Classic Cars

He looks good in there.  Maybe I should sell it to Wayne?

Dinner at Sliders Seaside Grill.  The best meal of the entire time in Amelia with wonderful friends.  There were a lot of great restaurants in Amelia but this was the absolute best.  We had a special show while we were eating dinner, the space shuttle launch.  A great way to end the weekend!


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