Wednesday, July 20th

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 9:30 a.m. Tour

This was by far the best day as far as weather we had.  I took a lot of pictures so bear with me.  These were taken in the morning as we were getting ready to leave on the tour.

The tour starts with a stop at the Austin / Bantam factory

We're off!! We stopped by the American Austin & Bantam factory while on our way to the Clearview Mall.  The brick building with the tall stack is the A/B Factory. 

The city of Butler is quite hilly and the town sits in a small valley; we had to leave this valley to get to the mall. 

The brick road at the bottom of this section was used by Austin and Bantam test drivers to check out the performance of their cars, it doesn't show but it is very steep. 

It was said that test drivers stated "if you went up the hill with no problems you had a good engine".


10:30 a.m. Cars on display and lunch at the Clearview Mall

We all stopped here for lunch and let some of the town's people take a look at the cars.


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