Downtown Butler, PA.

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We parked the cars on the street next to the Butler County Historical Society for a few hours to let the public view the cars. I climbed on the roof of the "Book Nook" to take a head-on shot of the cars while they were being displayed.  Later that day Club member Mark Richey summoned the Butler Fire Department and they we so kind to erect a ladder for us to climb and take a few pictures.  This would never happen in California (to bad). Thanks to Wes Phillippi, Wayne & Joyce McClellan and Steve & Sandra Alt  for the photos of the ladder truck.


This is what I had to climb to take the head-on picture from the Book Nook.

I was wishing I was 50 pounds lighter than I am when I got to the top!  And yes, there are some rungs on that ladder that are broke.


4:00 p.m. Return to Days Inn

Is this great or what?




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