Pebble Beach 2003


Driving in on the 18th fairway

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Earl & Alice Scheelar

Lynn & Jan James

Mike & Collen Scheehan

Class P-1

Austin Seven and Derivatives, Dixi (BMW), Swallow (Jaguar)

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1928 Dixi open 2-seater.

A-7 line-up.

David & Daphne Switzer's 1930 Austin 7 Supersport.

Terry & Mary William's 1928 Dixi open 2-seater.

Earl & Alice Scheelar's 1926 Austin 7 Chummy.

Mike & Collen Scheehan's 1930 BMW cabriolet.

Nanette Clark-Cook's 1933 Austin 7 PD open 2-seater.

Joe & Cathy Cibit's Austin 7 Box Saloon.

Bob & Marianne Anderson's 1937 Austin 7 Nippy.

Victor Wagner's 1929 Austin 7 Swallow Tourer, Germany.

Victor Wagner's 1931 Austin 7 Swallow Saloon, Germany.



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