Pebble Beach 2003

Class P-2

American Austin & American Bantam

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The crowd


The Show

American Austin & Bantam line-up.

The Judges: Phil Haynes, Norm Booth and Mike Harrell.

Janine Schulze's 1930 American Austin coupe.

Lynn & Jan James's 1931 American Austin roadster.

An inside look at the 1931 roadster.

Sporting the side curtain.

John & Marie Lyford's 1940 American Bantam Riviera.

Ty & Sherri Houck's 1940American Bantam Hollywood.

A Bill O'Beirne photo.

A Bill O'Beirne photo.

Bill & Susan Spear's 1939 American Bantam roadster.

Bill Spear & Doug Lyle (right)

Doyal & Teri Nix's 1939American Bantam Boulevard Delivery.

Norm Booth.

John & Diane Kernan's 1939 American Bantam Station Wagon.

Larry & Anita Garber's 1938 American Bantam roadster.

Larry Garber on the big screen.

Mark Hyman's 1939 American Bantam Speedster.


What we have been waiting for.

Mom and Dad, me in the middle.

One of two TV crews from the Travel Channel.

Jan & Candy.

We were selected to be one of the finalist and were asked to move to the staging area.

Another interview. How do you feel? What do you think your chances are? Again, I'll have to wait to see what I said.

How about you Jan?

We're on our way.


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