The Body

Here are some shots of the car during restoration.  You can see it had a little cancer on the lower quarters.  I had to replace the battery box and passenger side of the fire wall.  I also put new wood in for the front and rear door posts.  It was a pretty easy job if you have a band saw that will cut 6" on the vertical axis.  It's a little further along now but I have to get some recent photos of it so keep checking back.  I will be adding many  photos of the process from start to finish in the next few weeks so if you're interested keep checking back.   Last updated 12/10/06.


before.jpg (20330 bytes)        bad spots.jpg (23298 bytes)        battery box.jpg (27943 bytes)        driver quater replace.jpg (66873 bytes)        old wood.jpg (19543 bytes)        new wood.jpg (18359 bytes)


passenger quater replace.jpg (77105 bytes)                               

Some pictures of the assembly

A few 3/4 shots of the Roadster

before.jpg (20330 bytes)

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Re-building the seat


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