April 25, 2004  Half Moon Bay, California.

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This was the first car event of the season for us in 2004.  We had heard about the show for years and never seemed to be able to make it because of other activities. After we signed up for the show we were contacted by the events chairman who asked me if they could do a phone interview with us abut the 1931 American Austin roadster, obviously I said yes (article no longer available).  The show is huge and stretches out for what seems to be miles.  It is held at the Half Moon Bay airport just north of  Half Moon Bay and the cars, planes and machines are staged along the taxi ways.  It is very hard to photograph because its so big but it is really worth the time to go.  You can see just about anything there that has an engine.

A look at a few of the cars.

The 1931 American Austin had a crowd around it most of the day.

There was a lot of interest in the car and we meet a lot of really nice people.

One of many vintage aircraft that was there.

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