Pictures of Austins and Bantams of all kinds.

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Click on the link below to see the latest photos of the roadster taken at the Austin Bantam Society's 43rd Annual Trophy Meet in Pacific Grove, Ca. October 14, 2011. 

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My 1930 Austin coupe (black) and Norm Booth's 1938 Bantam coupe (blue) at the Carmel 2001 Trophy Meet.

Bill Spears Bantam roadster at Pebble Beach 2003 with a prototype Buick Y Job.

Here is a great looking 39 Bantam Roadster, owned by Jim and Katie Johnston.

Another nice looking Bantam, this 1939 woody wagon is owned by Shirley Bollinger

1940 Bantam Riviera. The proud owners are John and Marie Lyford.

Another picture of the coupe in Ferndale California

Larry & Anita Garber's 1938 Bantam Roadster.

This is our newly restored American Austin roadster, finished in August of 2003.

An inside view of the 1931 roadster.

Ironstone in Murphy's Ca. 2004 pictures will be avalible in the "Places We Have Been" section after October

Curt Scheberies 1938 Bantam Roadster at Ironstone Concours 2005

Maury Walsh 1939 Speedster

John Larson 1932 American Austin roadster

If you're not tired of looking at the 1931 American Austin roadster here are a few more pictures of it.  Click on photo


Rich Guasco's "Pure Hell" & Lynn James "Pure Stock"

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1940 Bantam Hollywood owned by Jim Wick, Chandler, Arizona.  This car is a 1994 Roy Evans Trophy winner and is featured in the AABC calendar for the month of September 2005.

Miscellaneous photos.

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  Pictures from Poland!

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  Want to see some old Hollywood movie pictures?  New pictures added.

  Also: Old miscellaneous photos.


  Here are some pictures of  "unrestored" cars.

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  Vintage Austin Toys!  New

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  Miscellaneous clippings.  New

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Here are a few pictures from the AABC meet in Topeka, Kansas 2001. Windy but a lot of fun!

1930 American Austin coupe

Elmer Chancellors 1931 American Austin roadster.

Some front end shots of a few 1940 Bantams.

This older restoration 1940 Bantam Riviera belongs to Bill Rowlands. Still looks GREAT!

A really neat looking Bantam panel. Photo was taken at the Topeka, KS. meet.

1930 Austin, John Larson

Bill Lloyd and Roy Carter taking a ride

1940 convertable coupe

Bill Waite's 1930 American Austin Coupe



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