Vintage Vehicles & Family Festival June 20, 2004

Palo Alto, California

Earlier this year Jan & I were approached at a car event by a gentleman named Channel Wasson.  He asked us if we would be willing to show our car at an event he was putting together on Father's Day as a fund raiser for the Museum of American Heritage.  It was invitation only and we said we would be glad to bring the car.  The weather was gorgeous and the school grounds the meet was held at was a wonderful place to show the cars. We feel very honored to have been invited. 

An early view of the area.  I tried to take a shot of the inside of each vehicle but didn't get them all.

I love old motorcycles.  The See's candy bike is owned by See's.  Apparently all you have to do is ask and they will show up.  I have seen the bike at several events over the years and there is usually a couple of young kids near by passing out See's chocolate bars :-)

Some neat stuff here.  I tried to trade the owner of this Auburn V-12 straight across for the Austin roadster but he wouldn't go for it.  The cord is also his.

You can't have a car show without a 1931 American Austin roadster!

The steam cars!  There were a couple of Stanley's and a White steamer.  They were really interesting to watch, very quiet.  The green Stanley had a problem with the boiler and the owner gave everyone a look at the insides of this unique vehicle.  Channell Wasson in his Stanley steamer blowing off a little steam.

This Duisenberg was owned by Mae West at one time and nothing has been changed on the car.  It was really nice to see a Mercer (the yellow one) in pristine condition.

Every car here had some kind of unique history or was restored extremely well.  It was a very nice place to spend the afternoon.

When you're around Stanford, California you never know what you're going to see.  A couple of solar powered prototypes.  They were actually giving people rides around the block on the big tricycle!


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