Pebble Beach 2003

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June 22, 2003:  Running out of time

The chassis.

Parts for chassis.

I'm getting ready to paint.

Putting on the color.

 August 10:  Almost Ready

The car was in the upholstery shop a couple of days extra getting the new top and side curtains.  I had planned on having all this done a few weeks earlier but you know how that goes.

Denise Corbit puts on the stripe

Putting on the fenders

August 13:  1931 American Austin roadster finished and ready to load.

August 14:  The Tour

The Travel Channel was doing a story on Pebble Beach and we were picked to be interviewed. The program entitled "The Ultimate Car Show" will air sometime early 2004.

The "Tour d'Elegance" is a 50 mile tour with a 1,250' pass midway.

My first TV interview. I have no idea what I said, I'll have to wait and see when it airs.

1933 A-7 PD open 2 seater Nanette Clark-Cook.

1929 A-7 Swallow Tourer Victor Wagner.

Us on the tour.

1931 A-7 Swallow Saloon Victor Wagner.

Joe Cibit A-7 Box Saloon.

A look through Bill Spear's Bantam windshield.

Getting ready to take a lap on Laguana Seca Raceway.

A look at all the cars parked on Ocean Ave. Carmel.

A wonderful lunch was provided in the park.

Another interview.

Bill Spear's Bantam roadster.

Talbot Logo and Austin roadster.

Back at the polo field.

The odometer showing 66.3 miles

The Polo Field

Here are a few shots of the polo field. This is where everyone keeps their car while at Pebble Beach.

This is where we set up. We're getting ready to clean the car for Sunday.

We had a lot of people stroll by and talk. I think it took us 6 hours to dust off the car because of the interest in it. It was great!



A couple of pictures under the hood.

Earl and Alice Scheelar's 1926 A-7 Chummy.

Unloading Larry & Anita Garber's 1938 Bantam roadster.

John & Marie Lyford's 1940 Bantam Riviera.

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