AACA Antique Automobile Club of America 2004 National Meet.

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August 20, 21 & 22,  2004 Santa Rosa, California

Juillard Park:

The show:

A few hit and miss engines for the public to enjoy:

A look at some of the cars:

One of a few awesome Packard's at the meet:

Our host for the meet: Dave Chiotti:

On Sunday we went on a tour of the back roads of the Sonoma County side to “Georgetown” what is called "Hollywood’s Attic".  It's a unique collection of automobiles and memorabilia from Hollywood’s Golden Era.

Turning into "Georgetown" driveway, we had a couple 100 yards of dirt road that didn't make me happy but it's just dust and I wasn't driving the highest $$ car so it was worth the trip.  I don't think I could find this place again if my life depended on it.  We made so may turns and off shoots that after I pulled back out onto the road I was lost :-)

For a few more pictures (70) of Georgetown click here

We're back on the road again heading to Korbel Wine Cellars for lunch:

We took a tour of the world-famous Korbel Wine Cellars:

Back on the road headed for the hotel:

The 1931 American Austin received a 1st Junior in class 20a:


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