Ferndale, California


We decided to arrive a few days early for the 2007 Redwood AutoXpo this year.  The weather was great and I had some extra time so I decided to drive the car to Ferndale to take some pictures.  I couldn't find any parking on the main street so I decided to take some shots of the car in the surrounding neighborhood.

The Austin looks right at home parked in front of this charming single story home.  As I was taking the picture I kept waiting for someone to come out of the house with a lunch box, jump in the car and drive to work!

I have always wanted to park in a driveway and take some pictures of the car.  I stopped at this wonderful home and Barbra let me take some photos in her driveway.  Thanks Barbra!

A few shots in black and white.

The Gingerbread Mansion.  A B&B in Ferndale.

This turned out to be a good back drop for the roadster.

The Victorian Inn.

Ferndale Cemetery.  No web site for this place, probably the last place you'll stay :-)


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