Austin Toys from the 1930's

Last up-dated: 12/05/2011

Here are some vintage cast iron Austin toys from a friend's collection, the late "Okie" Lloyd Vaughn.  Made in the thirties by Arcade and Hubly.  I believe the smaller ones are a slush mold by Barclay.

These are the first prototypes from the 1/24" scale aluminum and brass pieces that Marc Tyree did in 2000.  He was supposed to cast 24 each in brass and aluminum but fell short.  The painted ones below are cast in aluminum, they measure approximately 8 1/4" long and 4 5/8" high.  These are very rare.


More toys cast by Marc Tyree.

This is another one that Marc Tyree did in aluminum, this one is anodized black.

This one is cast in brass and verdigris tarnished. This one is number 5 and I don't think he cast anymore.


Another small display.  Note the roadster made by North & Judd.  This is also a very rare piece.

Photos of Wes Phillippi collection


Want to start a collection of your own?  Check out Inver Models at 1:43 scale


You can order them from there web site: Click Here