Pebble Beach 2003

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The Finalists

We're waiting in the staging area. Jan is being interviewed again by the Travel Channel.

The P-1 (Austin Seven) Class lined up first.

3rd place: Mick & Colleen Sheehan, 1930 BMW.

2nd place: Victor Wagner, 1931 A-7 Swallow Saloon.

1st place: Bob & Marianne Anderson, 1937 A-7 Nippy.

The next class was P-2 American Austin and American Bantam.

3rd place: Doyal & Teri Nix, 1939 American Bantam Boulevard Delivery.

2nd place: Larry & Anita Garber, 1938 American Bantam roadster.

1st place: Lynn & Jan James, 1931 American Austin roadster.

Heading down to the winners circle.

The Winners Circle

Jan and I being interviewed after the win.

I tried to take it all in but it was really overwhelming.

Class P-1 & P-2 first place winners

A friend of mine, Bill O'Beirne took this photo.

Bill O'Beirne.

The End


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