The Fortuna Redwood Autorama (Now AutoXpo)

Here are some pictures of the 2000 & 2001 meet held in Fortuna, Ca.  Click on the photo below to see an enlargement:

Autorama_setup_post.jpg (99588 bytes)

Set-up time.  All of the cars park on Main Street in Fortuna.

    Autorama_show_post.jpg (105853 bytes)    

A few hours later there are thousands of spectator's coming out to enjoy the show.  Sorry for the dark picture "bad camera"






Autorama1.jpg (44675 bytes)        Autorama2.jpg (45248 bytes)        Autorama3.jpg (43214 bytes)


Autorama_engine_post.jpg (84865 bytes)  An antique engine & tractor show is held in Rohner Park which is within walking distance of the downtown car show.  A swap meet is also a few minutes away in the fair grounds.


    hitandmiss.jpg (142730 bytes)


queen of hearts.jpg (27100 bytes)  This is the Queen of Hearts B&B we stayed at in Ferndale, Ca. just 7 miles away from Fortuna.  If you haven't been to Ferndale you are really missing out.



   Still in Ferndale.




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