The Fortuna Redwood Autorama


"Fortuna Redwood AutoXpo"

July 23-25th, 2004 Fortuna, California

Every July around the 3rd weekend is the Fortuna Redwood Autorama (AutoXpo) which is held in sunny Fortuna, Ca.  I have to say this is probably the best time we have at any car meet all year long and look forward to attending every year.  It's a great little town and a wonderful place to have a car event.  The whole town comes out to support the event and the Club does a magnificent job on putting on the show and all of the many other details involved with doing a car show.  I also have to say the Autorama tends to pull some of the west coast best rods, customs and stock cars out of the woodwork than just about any other place we have been.  It's a very laid back and relaxing atmosphere and just a lot of fun!

We arrived Thursday evening and on Friday we caught up with Mike and Gayle Harrell.  Mike is a good friend of mine and a fellow Austin / Bantam enthusiast.  We were stopped by the old railroad station while we looked at the hit and miss engines and the antique tractor show.

I don't know if you have ever been around hit and miss engines but I think they are just great.  The pops and sputters of these little and not so little machines are just fascinating.  This is a real crowd pleaser and thousands of people will come by during the week to see them.

The antique tractor section is really neat also.  Some of them date back beyond 1930.  There is a tractor pull near the end of the meet on Sunday.

This is the registration and staging area for the Autorama's Friday night cruise.  There is a huge turnout by the Fortuna residences and neighboring communities to see this.  It's not uncommon to see barbecues and candle light dinners set up on the grass media down Fortuna Boulevard.  It's an awesome time for everyone, both participant and spectator.  The cruise is supposed to be only open to registered cars but I think a few more people slip in during the event.


This is the judged car show.  The first two photos were taken in the morning, the first looking north and the other looking south down main street.  As you go through the pictures you can see the crowd getting larger as the day goes on.  If you don't take the pictures of the cars you want early in the morning you may not get a chance later in the day.


This was the American Austin section.  Mike Harrell also has a beautiful 1931 roadster that he brought to the show.  We had a lot of interest in the cars and heard comments like "wow, I have never seen one of these and there are TWO of them!"  and "LOOK what are those, I LOVE them".  Needless to say we had a fun day talking about the cars and sharing their history.  I guess I should say my wife did most of the sharing and Mike and I held down the seat out of his van!

After the show there is a poker run of about 30-40 miles and again I failed to take the photos that I should have but here are a couple.  This is on the way crossing Fern Bridge heading to Ferndale, a Victorian community that can be summed up in one word "awesome". Please see the Ferndale web site.

On Sunday morning they have a parade of the winners.  They line the cars up on an adjacent street and then parade them past the viewing stand and announce each car and class it was in.  The 1962 Green Buick Skylark won best of show.

We were awarded 1st in our class Stock up to 1936.

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