Quality Bantam Pistons are now available from JP Pistons

Bantam Pistons are now available from JP Pistons in Australia.  The pistons are cam ground and made from aluminum alloy with 10% silicon content, steel wrist pin and cast iron rings. They can be made in standard bore 2.200" and oversize up to +.080".  At 2.260" they can be used as a standard 3 main piston (see chart below).  Prices vary depending on quantity ordered.  You can contact them at their web site http://www.jp.com.au/JPPistons.html or by calling them, From the USA dial 011-61-8-8261-7222 or Email Peter Schlicker at pistons@jp.com.au

Available sizes

American Austin

std: 2.200", 2.220", 2.240", 2.260"  maybe bigger?  Call or email

The part number for the Bantam pistons is JP1080 piston assembly.

Bantam 60  1938-1939

std: 2.200", 2.220", 2.240", 2.260"

Bantam 65  1940 3 main

std: 2.260", 2.280", 2.300" on request, NOTE:  You may have piston to head gasket interference with a 2.300" piston.

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How good are JP Pistons?

  "These are quality pistons.  I have built three engines using JP pistons and I am thoroughly satisfied with their product". The car is running in this photo and no smoke.  Lynn James, California



  "I Have the JP pistons in this car and have done approximately 15,000 miles no smoking    My other Austin 1937 also has JP piston +80 thou and this one it has done 3000 miles no smoke either. Geoff Stephens, Australia"



  Lynn and I built the engine for my 1931 American Austin roadster back in October of 2002.  It runs very well and has never smoked, not even at first start up.  Mike Harrell Stockton, California.


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