Ontario, Canada 2002

I hear the meet was a great successes, I wasn't able to attend this year but hope to make it to one soon.   Here are some pictures taken by Gray Mullins and Roy Carter.  If anyone else has any interesting photos or captions please send them to me.

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Pictures courteously sent in by Wesley M Phillippi form the late Jack Hickey collection

1930 Roadster - Tom Fetterman - 1st Place Austin Open

1935 Model 575 (slant louvers) - Pat Mullins - 2nd Place Austin closed

1941 BRC - Gray Mullins.   With Doug Kranz video taping

1940 Hollywood - George Halin - Hard Luck Trophy

1940 Hollywood - Deane Glover

1938 Boulevard Delivery - Cal Burtner - Roy Evans Trophy

1938 Pickup - Doug Kranz - 3rd Place Bantam Commercial

1940 Riviera - Bill Rowlands - 1st Place Bantam Speedster/Riviera

1939 Boulevard Delivery - George Scanlon - 1st Place Bantam Boulevard Delivery/Station Wagon


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