Here are a few shots that I took of the assembly:


I'm ready for the engine, transmission and then the body.


Body Stuff (6-30-03)

This is pretty close to how the color looks most of the time, at dusk it's really nice. Even in direct sun the car looks good.

In this picture the car has been wet sanded with "P2500" grit sand paper.

Grill shell before primer.

A metal etching primer has been applied, then black primer. I'll have to sand and prime it a couple of times before I paint it.

The car has been buffed "rubbed out" but it hasn't been machine glazed (polished with a finer buffing pad). It will take on a deeper black look and be more reflective after glazing.

The body is ready for installation.

This one spot has been buffed with glazing compound. The reflection is the untaped sheet rock ceiling, light fixture and garage door bracket and some wire hanging from the ceiling. You can also see me taking the picture in the reflection.



Fastening the body to the chassis.

Stacey and I working on the inside door trim.

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