San Jose History Park photo shoot

  May 29, 2004 San Jose, California

Click here for San Jose Historical Park.

This past year I was contacted by Dmitry Popov, a professional Russian photographer, to take some photos of our 1931 American Austin roadster for an article that he writes for a Russian magazine.

The pictures below are photos I took while Dmitry was working.  All photos are taken with a 1967 Nikkormatt FTN 35mm camera and then a cd was made at the time of their development.  To see some of his work see Dmitry's Web Site.

I started off taking pictures in color then switched back and forth to black and white (film).  The whole San Jose History Park are homes, buildings and structures from the old San Jose downtown.  They have been moved and restored to their original appearance.  The gas station in the background is where Jack Passey, ABS, AACA member, worked while a young boy.  The 1937 Chevy Coupe belongs to ABS Club member Tony Halekakis.  Tony has won first place at many of the Concours d'Elegance competitions in the bay area.  The models below are Issayas & Veronica who did a wonderful job in looking cool in hot costumes in the heat of a long day.

I took a lot of pictures of the 1931 American Austin roadster over the shoulder of Dmitry Popov that day.  I was going to weed out a lot of them but I couldn't decide which ones not to share so I put most of them on the site.

Switching back to color again

Going back to b&w I took some action shots of Dmitry at work.  My wife and daughter supervising from a park bench.

Dmitry's brother helps out and puts a little light on the subject.  There is a story line to all the photos Dmitry took.  To know what it is you would have to know how to read Russian and subscribe to the Russian magazine.  The last 6 photos are of a slightly different angle to show the size difference between the two cars.

After Dmitry was finished I had a few minutes to do some shooting on my own.  I moved the car to a small neighborhood within the park and took some more shots.  Jan and Stacey are enjoying a walk around the park.

On our way back home we made another stop for Dmitry at a ranch in Sunol for a few more pictures.



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