35th Annual Trophy Meet

Temecula, California

October 25, 2003

Embassy Suites Parking Lot & Tour

A few shots of the hotel parking area

John Beerkle trys out a new polishing towel while Ed Vancel looks on

Embassy Suites Hotel

John, Ed and Jerry Collier

My 1931 Austin Roadster (left) and Mike Harrell's 1931 (right)


Bud Feurt's 1950 Chevy C.O.E. with Bantam roadster on back. Pretty cool.

Bud's 1940 Bantam Coupe

Downtown Temecula Show


Jerry Collier's 1930 American Austin coupe.

Glen Davis's 1934 Austin coupe.

Mike Harrell's 1931 Austin roadster.

1931 American Austin roadster.

The little woman.

American Austin line-up.

American Bantams.

1940 Hollywood and Bantam chassis.

Serenah Fuert educating the public.

1940 Bantam coupe.

John Beerkle's Hollywood with Stan Betz Bantam roadster

Bud playing with a Bantam jack.

Norm Booth's 1938 Bantam coupe, Howard Simpson's 1939 Bantam roadster.

Joe Cibit's 1934 British Austin 7.

Scotty Pickle's 1930 Austin coupe.

The swap meet.


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