Installation of the roof material and painting the gutters.

The gutters should have been installed before the car was painted. The gutters were in pretty sad shape and so was the sheet metal strip that holds the roof material in place.

  This picture shows the roof padding.  Originally they used a 1/4" cotton pad.  I used 1/4" poly door padding which is easy to work with and doesn't mat down like the cotton.  Underneath the padding is chicken wire that is stapled to the top bows.






  I stapled the roof material to a wooden frame pulling it taut as I went.  Then I positioned the frame over the top of the car and then added the sheet metal that holds it in place.  A little wider frame would have been better.






  Once you have nailed down the sheet metal strip you can cut away the excess material.  This is when you find out if you did a good job or not nailing the sheet metal strip in place.  If you didn't use enough nails the roof material will pull loose from the sheet metal strip and it will not have an even appearance.





  Ready to paint.







            top_finish.jpg (18028 bytes)   Close up of roof area.





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