AABC meet in June of 2001

updated 12/22/02

 The meet was held in Topeka, Kansas.  The first few days were a little windy and we had some severe thunder and lightning storms at night.  I found myself getting up at night and watching the lightning from the hotel window for hours, it was awesome!  Below are some photos of cars that were at the meet.  Click on the photo below to see an enlargement:

Mike Harrell's 1933 coupe (red) and Janine Schulze's 1930 coupe

1931 American Austin roadster

 Janine and her award wining 1930 American Austin Coupe'

Bantam panel (top) and a Austin panel on the bottom

Bantam pick-up (top) and a Austin pick-up on the bottom

Top is a 1939 Boulevard Delivery, bottom 1939 Bantam speedster

A comparison between the Bantam Riviera top and below a Bantam Speedster, Note the Speedster has a fold down windshield and the "Bugatti" curve on the side

This is John Tuthill's restored 1940 Bantam woody wagon

1930 Coupe owned by Janine Shulze


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